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Gumi Viet Nam Life science department provides from sample management equipments by bar codes to large scale bio bank systems, which is a leading-edge solution in a management part of storing sample.

Ziath's bar code scaners and sample management software are adopted not only by bio banks over the worlds but also by various fields like a small management part of storing sample.

ASKION is a leading company about high quality bio bank system, their storing system's structure is very suitable for quality preservation of long-term storing samples. Its can keep the samples at less than ー150℃ storing temparuture in normal conditions, in sample handling environment, it also can keep the samples at ー100℃~ー130℃ temparuture.

Furthermore, We continue our unique job as a small but expert group, software consulting like building DB or releasing innovative products like a bar code seal as our products.


B-Smart series is a sample managemaent system that easy to use.
Our managemaent system can easily register a various storage sample,a reagent and epuipment.
Also it is possible to search and draw necessary information easily when it is necessary.
It is possible to manage the data safely by using an exclusive database because of superior security.
The world smallest foot print Rack Scanner is provied by Maker Ziath, it’s not only used in bio-bank but also for automatic integration systems widely
It is a closed-type automatic liquid nitrogen vapor storage system.
Loading and unloading processing area of the sample is also capable of maintaining minus 100 ℃ or less. So, all can be handled in the ultra-low temperature environment. There are automatic type and semi-automatic type