We have been working with our clients from the well known Medicine making companies in various promotion projects in gumi Vietnam.

Especially on the application of MR2GO, which still project is ongoing currently.

With the usage of iPad and Android Tablets, the program MR2GO-DMV has been creating for the content applications previously, which allows us to become one of the pioneers in this service.

We are offering services in Medical industry Mobile Solutions, which including the Questionnaires program, Auto-detective functions making, or Dictation content, with the coding on HTML5.

We had release the application of “Face RegconiZ”.

Face RegconiZ is an easy-to-use application where self help attendance system includingthe process of taking a picture with the iPad for the identity recognizing, and register your attendance.

Currently, personal purpose use of the application is being offered freely and it is downloadable from iTune Store with the α version (last updated 20nd March 2013). The application is also recommended for the office use.

※ We are making the upgrade from time to time. Expecting the next version upgrade on end of May 2013

顔認識勤怠管理アプリ“Face RecogniZ”