Hello this is first time i try to make a small game by Libgdx, before i make this game i plan/design contruct for this game, but when i research and write by Libgdx, i think everything don’t like i throught.

LibGDX don’t have any layout, all object, image dont appear. I just see text..text…and text, text everywhere, so i need imagine everything in my mind, and i think handle collision is hardest cause i need make AI how to know collision left, right or behind the object then make effect on my object.

After this project, i can improve my skill about how to make a game, AI, knowledge more tool useful for libGDX example Overlab2d. Maybe next game i make i’ll use Overlab2d for support LibGDX have a nice graphics, gameplay.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.25.44 PMToday, the web gaming applications become increasingly popular and diverse these apps are created from many different programming languages ​​. Today I would like to introduce a game demo written by three language are: html, css and javascript language and I already had one game name is BoomBoomBalloon at: BoomBoomBalloon demo you can try . The strength of this option is it easy to build to more platform used tool support create package like PhoneGap tool . I also uploaded to Google Play and the App Store . This demo can also share your score on social networks such as facebook, twitter, google plus .

About create the game demo .

+ HTML used to create the balloon as well as the interface for my game. There are 5 color of balloons and a special balloon that is their company logo . balloon popup from the different types will have different scores .

+ CSS support html and design the interface effect, balloons and balloons popup .

+ Javascript (here I use the JQuery library ) to handle speed of flying of balloons as well as the amount of time to complete a game, the sound, the background animation

Finally, thank everyone who took the time concerned . If you have any questions or complaints please email to me at email address: ttquang1063750@gmail.com . All of the comments that you contribute will help me improve experience in the further . Thank you again


Currently, Javascript language is not strangers for programmers . Today , I would like to introduce management parameters passed to a function in the javascript language . Unlike languages ​​such as C , C + + , Java … then the variable declaration should be cleared and the parameter passed to a function is fixed , if you want to pass the parameters more or less to the function defined before that it is impossible ( just as you can use methology like overloading in function) . So what is the difference ?

Javascript manage the parameters passed to the function through an array named arguments this is  a global array.

For example :

I declare a function as follows

function reciveArgument( ) {

/ / this function will return parameters that you passed

return arguments ;


and when I call this function with different parameters as following :

console.log ( reciveArgument ( ” Parameter 1 ” , ” Parameter 2 ” , ” Parameter 3 ” ) ) ;

when you open up your console in your browser and see

>>>[“Parameter 1”, “Parameter 2”, “Parameter 3”]

Try passing by numbers

console.log ( reciveArgument ( 1,2,3 ) ) ;

The  results returned as following:

>>[1, 2, 3]

So the arguments array is available in the function we do not need to care about  overload function . For example, you write function sum ( ) of natural numbers , then just do a shoulder operation as follows :

function sum( ) {

var total = 0 ;

for ( var i in arguments) {
total + = arguments [ i ] ;
return total;


and you call this function again with different parameters

console.log ( sum ( 1,2,3 ) ) ;

console.log ( sum ( 1,2,3,4,5 ) ) ;

The  results returned as following:



When you research the JavaScript language , you will find  more interesting things . Thank you