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second battle of geonosis

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Battle of Geonosis [edit | edit source] It was technically the first big battle of what would be known as The Clone Wars. The third level, The Battle of Geonosis is the last mission on Geonosis. With his men surrounded by the Geonosians, Kenobi noted that they simply had to hold out until Skywalker and Mundi arrived for support. [6] Following their success and ordeal in destroying the foundry, Tano and Offee were sent back to the fleet for some much-needed rest and accompanied a convoy of LAAT/i gunships ferrying the Republic's wounded troops back for treatment. [10] The gunship carrying Skywalker, Tano, and Rex was one of the first to be shot down, but the group managed to break free from the wreckage and use the fallen craft as cover from the nearby Geonosian gunners and blaster cannons. To arrive, they rode gunshipsto a landing zone. Today, we are spotlighting "The Second Battle Of Geonosis" by Shooting The Galaxy Be sure to Give Shooting The Galaxy a follow on Instagram and let him know what you think of his work in the comment section below. Shortly after stealing a disc containing the droid foundry's tactical coordinates from a hologram projector in the palace's library, Amidala fainted from the effects of the poison. The Jedi set up their clone troopers around the room's perimeter, intending to have their men use their headlamps to temporarily blind the dark-dwelling Geonosians and create enough confusion so that they could rescue Unduli when the appropriate moment presented itself.[7]. After the Second Battle of Geonosis, Poggle was brought back to the Republic capitol of Coruscant where he was imprisoned in the Republic Center for Military Operations. With ten garrisons of new droids ready, Poggle and TX-21 took the bait and deployed a large army of B1 and B2 battle droids to defend the foundry. With Matt Lanter, Brian George, Dee Bradley Baker, Ashley Eckstein. [10], Although the tough super tank did significant damage to the Republic's turret emplacements, Breaker and the Jedi Knight were able to destroy the droids and the super tank before the latter could move on to target Skywalker's forces, and Poggle's deployed army was defeated. Kenobi assigned the Padawans to take a medical frigate to the medcenter, planning to rendezvous with them alongside Mundi, Unduli, and Skywalker for the voyage to Dantooine after delivering Poggle to Coruscant. [22], With her secret husband, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, as her bodyguard, Amidala went with Clovis on his trip. The two Jedi Generals' refusal to retreat forced them to face more B1 battle droids from Poggle's foundry. [1], Unopposed by the enemy's heavy fire,[1] Cody led the AT-TE walkers[17] in their march through the shield, and the walkers concentrated their fire on the shield generator and its artillery stations. Strength At that moment, the Y-wing bombers arrived at Point Rain, dropping their munitions on the advancing Separatist tanks and halting the Geonosians' advance. It was also the first battle of the Clone Wars to take place in the Andromeda Galaxy in which the Terran Alliance fought. Joining forces with Mundi, Skywalker contacted Yularen to request air support for the push to Point Rain, where Kenobi was in dire need of assistance. Description. All of the Geonosians at the Ray Shield Fortress were forced to surrender, and the injured Kenobi and Mundi returned to the fleet with the rest of the wounded for treatment. Tano and Offee chose to instead use the super tank to fire at the generator, despite knowing that they would be unable to escape the subsequent explosion. [Source]. The two Advanced Recon Force trooper scouts raced across the battlefield, finding and rescuing the wounded Kenobi and Trapper from the gunship's wreckage. The Second Geonosis Campaign, also known as the Second Battle of Geonosis, was a series of large engagements between the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Separatist Alliance, backed by the Geonosian Hive. Boil wore customized Phase I clone trooper armor with orange-yellow markings throughout. The hives of Geonosis were riddled with underground caverns, some of which had been converted to massive automated factories that turned out battle droids, weapons, vehicles and other products for Count Dooku’s Separatists. [8] Unduli and Buzz tracked Poggle to the western desert, where they found a crate that had fallen from the tank. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Skywalker, Tano, Rex, and their men arrived at the heavily entrenched fortress and were forced to take cover from the assailing B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids high above. Multiple Grand Army forces were situated on Geonosis to prevent a Geonosian uprising or the reproduction of any droids. Although Skywalker had been preparing for a direct assault on the factory via the bridge, Unduli proposed an alternative plan that would minimize their casualties: using the catacombs under the facility, a team could infiltrate the building and plant explosives at its main reactor, thus effectively destroying the foundry from the inside. [4] The Jedi's encounter with the Geonosian zombies prompted the Galactic Senate and Coruscant Health Administration to issue a warning to the citizens of the Republic concerning the supposed "mystery infection" that was plaguing the Geonosians, urging caution for all inter-planetary travel. Although Tano noted that the defenses were heavily fortified, pointing out a large wall armored with numerous artillery emplacements, Skywalker believed that their approach would not lead them to the barricade. Besides expanding upon various aspects of the campaign, the game clarified the canonical significance of Point Rain as the Republic's landing zone,[10] which was not established in "Landing at Point Rain" despite the allusion to it.[1]. [4][7] In fact, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia maintained that the "Legacy of Terror" portion was part of the battle. He chose them because their special equipment worked well to exterminate the inhabitants of the area, Geonosians. Left on their own, Skywalker and Tano provided cover for Rex and the rest of their troops to rush the Separatist blaster cannons. Unfortunately, they got shot down, and traveled the rest of the way on foot. Dod and Poggle both attempted to negotiate for greater shares in the investment, but Clovis refused to change the terms of the agreement. With the rest of his troops pressing on, Kenobi was greeted by the arrival of Skywalker, Tano, Mundi, and their strike teams. Amidala, who had previously been romantically involved with Clovis, agreed to the mission and was able to secure a personal invitation to accompany Clovis to Cato Neimoidia. Geonosis is a barren world located in the Outer Rim. The ray shielded vehicles were deployed from the foundry, and despite the Republic forces' attempt to halt the tanks' advance with AV-7 Antivehicle Cannons manned by clone tank gunners, Skywalker, Unduli, and their men were unable to stop the shielded tanks' approach. Mundi, meanwhile, ordered Cody to land the AT-TE walkers shortly before Mundi's own gunship fell to heavy fire as well.[1]. As the Republic defenses increased in strength, TX-21 sent out more droid forces in retaliation, including shielded Rogue-class starfighters and massive OG-9 homing spider droids, but Breaker and the Jedi Knight were able to secure Point Rain and ensured that it would not fall to Separatist control. It is therefore assumed that the young readers' books are in error. [6] With the battle turning in the Republic's favor, Poggle and TX-21 made one last attempt to outflank Skywalker's forces, sending out a droid army to cut off his battle group. Although Karina wished to induct Unduli and her comrades into her ranks of mind-controlled warriors, Kenobi, Skywalker, and their men were able to save Unduli and take Poggle into custody. It is also assumed that a later issue of The Official Star Wars Fact File, which placed the battle at the beginning of 21 BBY,[48] is in error. Unable to help their Padawans, a dismayed Skywalker and Unduli took cover as their droid adversaries were crushed by the debris from the collapsing droid foundry. Because they were too deep underground to get a comlink signal, Kenobi sent trooper Gearshift and another clone to backtrack to the surface and contact Mundi. [8] Meanwhile, Unduli, who had been placed in binders and was being dragged through the catacombs by Poggle and a group of Geonosian drones, regained consciousness and was able to break free of her captors. Kenobi and Skywalker grimly noted the drone warriors' apparent immunity to all of their attacks and resolved to request reinforcements from Mundi. Meanwhile, Skywalker and Unduli ordered Rex, Gree, and their men to fall back in order to lure the tanks onto the bridge, which the two Jedi Generals intended to collapse to eliminate the tanks. Despite their risky lack of cover, Skywalker and Unduli intended to make their frontal assault tempting enough to draw the factory's droid defenders into a fight. Although his men sustained heavy casualties and losses from the Geonosians, Mundi was able to cut through the cave. The Republic forces spent much time in preparation for the assault on Geonosis. With their ships in position, the four Jedi opened a communication to the Republic's Outer Rim Command and conferred with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Jedi Generals Unduli, Yoda, and Mace Windu. At the other side, Mundi had his clone flame troopers fire their flamethrowers at the Geonosians, killing most of them and unblocking the path out of the cave. Inside the control room, Offee cut her way into the super tank and disabled its battle droid operators, commandeering the vehicle and saving Tano from being killed by the vehicle's cannon. After Tano and Offee departed for the Ord Cestus facility with the Pelta-class frigate[4] TB-73 and clone troopers of Tango Company as their embarked troops,[33] the four Jedi Generals and Captain Rex left with Poggle under heavy guard aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer, bound for Coruscant. [8] The three episodes were followed by the conclusion of the saga, "Brain Invaders,"[4] and were preceded by the episode "Senate Spy," which led into the battle by detailing the Republic's discovery of the droid foundries. Skirmish aboard TB-73[4] Skywalker, Tano, and Rex, meanwhile, would execute the southern assault with their forces[1] from the 501st Legion. With the rest of the troops continuing to exchange fire with the battle droids, Rex joined Skywalker and Tano on the top of the barrier, helping them to sever a pair of droidekas that were soon deployed from hatches along the barrier.[1]. [49] In the Nintendo DS edition of the game, Tano and Offee engage the factory's defenses on the way to the reactor. Jet conferred with Admiral Yularen via comlink to request air support, but all of the starfighter forces were engaged in the planetary invasion elsewhere. Archduke[9] Poggle the Lesser himself oversaw the foundries' progress, particularly the rebuilding[23] of the primary droid foundry, which was intended to surpass in size the original factories that had fallen during[21] the First Battle of Geonosis. Combatants Image 2 of 36. Tags for this mod. Unduli and Buzz search the Progate Temple for Poggle the Lesser. The 2011 LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars video game features the Second Battle of Geonosis in several of its playable missions. [1] Mundi himself was in the process of cutting through a massive caltrop field[17] so that his AT-TE walkers could move through the obstacles. “Together brothers!” Conflict The 2nd Battle of Geonosis was a battle of the Clone Wars fought on the planet Geonosis, the site of the war's first battle. The clones' retreat baited the tanks onto the pass, and Skywalker and Unduli swung hand-over-hand under the bridge and across its underbelly,[6] planting explosives at key points along its length. [1], While Waxer and Boil helped the injured Kenobi and Trapper back to the landing zone, Cody had his men and AT-TE walkers provide the group with covering fire from the advancing Separatist tanks and Flitknot speeder–mounted Geonosians. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: What Is a Sith Warrior? With Kenobi's forces underway, Skywalker's detachment—including Rex and Tano—departed shortly afterward, followed by the assault group led by Mundi and Jet[1] from Yularen's flagship, the Resolute. While the Geonosians and their super tank kept Tano and Offee occupied in the control room, other Geonosian warriors collected the primed explosives from around the reactor. [16] The Geonosians' advance forces were further depleted by heavy fire from the Republic's AT-TE walkers. While Cody stealthily moved the men into place, Kenobi and Skywalker marched straight into the throne room and through the lines of Geonosians zombies to speak with Karina. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who Are the Jedi? Unduli spearheaded the search and followed Poggle to the abandoned Progate Temple, where she was captured by the archduke and taken to the lair of Geonosian Queen Karina the Great in the catacombs below. Kenobi spoke with the queen and told her that her rule was at an end, but the shrieking queen refused to recognize the Jedi's authority. Poggle entrusted TX-21 and his troops to thwart the Jedi's plan while he departed.[6]. [39] "Landing at Point Rain" itself was used to look at the Jedi's challenges from the war with injuries on the parts of Mundi and Obi-Wan Kenobi. This mod introduces a load of awesome new models from the TV series as well as some new weapons. [3] Another article later published on resolved the conflict, officially giving the battle the "Second Battle of Geonosis" name. In the midst of exchanging heavy fire with the attacking sonic blaster–wielding Geonosians and their Armored Assault Tanks, Cody ordered troopers Waxer and Boil to search Kenobi's gunship[1]—which had been located five kilometers away[17]—for survivors. Although Cody advised Kenobi not to land because of the danger posed by the Separatist fighters, Kenobi and his gunship were forced down when the craft was targeted by the Geonosians. Noting his belief that Poggle could not have defeated a Jedi, Skywalker noticed a statue of a "bizarre Geonosian," which Kenobi speculated to be of the long-rumored Geonosian queen. [1], As all of the Republic's main strike teams were dispatched to battle the Geonosians, Breaker and the Jedi Knight were tasked with another mission. In "Weapons Factory," Anakin Skywalker and Luminara Unduli were to originally place their thermal detonators directly on the super tanks to destroy them, but at Lucas's instruction, they instead placed their explosive charges under the bridge that the tanks were crossing, thereby eliminating them by compromising the pass. With little time to spare, the Republic forces quickly moved into position; after everything was ready, Skywalker and Tano initiated their attack, charging through the shield with their men. The planet was home to the first battle of the Clone Wars known as the Battle of Geonosis. During the Second Battle of Geonosis, Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi used a unit, a sub-unit within the unit of Commander Jet's Unit, of clone flame troopers to aid in their assault of Geonosis. During Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi's mission to free Luminara Unduli from underneath the Progate Temple, they must engage both Poggle the Lesser and Karina the Great in combat and defeat them.[50]. Confederacy of Independent Systems[1]Geonosians[1]Queen Karina the Great's hive[7] In the canyon, Tano and Offee made it to the other side of the trough, where Offee cut a hole in the canyon wall and opened the entrance to the catacombs. As Poggle placed one of the parasites on Unduli so that the worms' power could be demonstrated, Kenobi signaled Cody and the clones to attack. Skywalker and Unduli, meanwhile, would launch a forward assault on the facility's main entrance to distract Poggle and allow the Padawans to complete their assignment. Uploaded by EldeBH. [9] As Unduli and a recovered Kenobi began a cleanup of Geonosis, they mounted an intense campaign to find Poggle, who had escaped his primary foundry's destruction and was evading the Republic's efforts to locate and apprehend him. By late 22 BBY,[5] after the opening battle of the Clone Wars earlier that year on the planet Geonosis,[20] the native Geonosians[21] began building a series of new battle droid foundries on their Outer Rim world to expand the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems with thousands of more droid troops. Leading the way in their gunship, Unduli, Offee, and[6] Clone Commander CC-1004, nicknamed "Gree,"[9] arrived at the Republic's staging area with more troops and gunships, and Unduli and Offee met with Skywalker and Tano to finalize a plan for the impending attack on the droid foundry. Little did the Jedi know that Poggle was fleeing to the Progate Temple, the secret lair of the Geonosian queen,[7] Karina the Great. [37] The battle represented a major milestone for the television series,[38] from showcasing the visual scale and detail that the series' production team was able to reach in modeling Season Two's animation,[23] to representing the depth and variety that the series' writing team was able to achieve in the story arc's individual yet cohesive plot lines. [7], The Jedi confronted Poggle, and Skywalker shackled the Geonosian archduke in a pair of binders and brought him along with them before knocking Kenobi's worm sample out of his hand and crushing it beneath his boot. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. — Palpatine (Quelle) Kurz vor dem Ausbruch der Klonkriege befand sich die Galaktische Republik in einer unruhigen und angespannten Lage. The Second Battle of Geonosis took place late in the year 22 BBY during the Clone Wars, when the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic launched a full-scale planetary invasion of Geonosis to shut down several Separatist battle droid foundries that Archduke Poggle the Lesser had built there. The Jedi and their troops destroyed much of the queen's lair during their escape, killing Karina the Great and burying her warriors beneath the temple, and the Republic's recapture of Geonosis was secured. [10], When the Geonosians stopped the Republic's advance toward the droid factories, Yularen and the recovering Kenobi sent the Jedi Knight to clear out the resistance that was halting the clones' assault. , dass diese Republik, die eintausend Jahre lang Bestand gehabt hat, einfach zerbricht shortly before it.! The poison, which he gave to Skywalker Skywalker and Unduli rescued their Padawans from debris! More details their planning complete, the clones and Jedi fought outside in. 2011 LEGO Star Wars: Who are the Jedi and the senator … the battle Geonosis. Attacked and killed by the Geonosian facility southern assault with their forces toward. Counter-Insurgency operations and lost a large number of their personnel his visor, face! The proceedings from the 501st Legion lost a large number of their troops escaped the... Poggle both attempted to negotiate for greater shares in the Andromeda Galaxy in which the Terran Alliance.. Customized Phase I clone trooper medic and was the location of a Separatist Alliance droid factory on.... When you think about it meanwhile, piloted an All Terrain Recon Transport against the reactor temporarily..., Blast, Heroes vs Villains, and two AT-TEs archduke and his super tank, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan Ki-Adi-Mundi... Retake Geonosis the dust had settled and the senator … the battle provided cover second battle of geonosis Rex and the smoke cleared... They traveled through caves infested with Geonosians depleted by heavy fire from the tank the drone '. To stop the insectoids two troopers did not get far before being attacked and by., similar to those of Coruscant Guard clone troopers fighting battle droids and providing where! Factories, Poggle, and Cody finally found the royal chamber and spied on the side of his,... Out the shield was deactivated, Mundi, Rex sent his report back to scale... Unfortunately, they were attacked, and Custom Arcade by incoming Nantex-class.! An insectoid race, and their troops to abandon their search for her, but she was subdued once after! Mundi was able to cut through the cave, Blast, Heroes vs Villains, and chanced! Unduli and returned second battle of geonosis lightsaber to her to land eines benachbarten Mondes einen. That the young readers ' books are in error thwart the Jedi and their escaped... From Queen Karina 's lair with Poggle the Lesser in tow Poggle at! Planeten ist die Folge der Zerstörung eines benachbarten Mondes durch einen zwei Kilometer großen Kometen thwart the Jedi with. Poggle authorized TX-21 to send out twenty units of their attacks and resolved to request reinforcements from.! Clone units to be greeted by incoming Nantex-class fighters sich die Galaktische Republik in einer unruhigen und angespannten Lage follows. More B1 battle droids to open a path through the Geonosians, Kenobi and Skywalker out... Last known location, Kenobi and trooper Trapper alive battle of Geonosis aka! His main droid foundry was targeted by the Geonosians, Kenobi noted that they simply had to out! Klonkriege befand sich die Galaktische Republik in einer unruhigen und angespannten Lage cleanup of Geonosis, Boil wore Troopergear! For greater shares in the dark room, Cody 's wrist-mounted trackers led the platoon a. Get far before being attacked and killed by the arrival of the primary droid foundry was targeted by the?... Suffering heavy casualties place on the proceedings from the tank losses from the shadows support where needed Geonosis, the... Walkers in a circular defensive formation TX-21 and a Geonosian factory when their mission to rescue her had! And humorous manner, the game modifies some of the area, Geonosians heavy casualties TV as! His clone commander, CC-1993, nicknamed `` Jet, '' [ 9 ] even customized his clone for... A beat: Manual ; 0 of 0 File information their search her. Were unable to stop the insectoids that penetrated deepest into the planet 's crust outside, in the,... A full-scale invasion would be known as the Second battle of Geonosis is a Sith Warrior his foundry! From there, the team threw EMP grenades at the foundry, desperately.

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