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Monthly Archives: August 2016

I started internship.

Xin Qiao!

Nice to meet you! I’m Wakaba.

I started working as an internship in Gumi Vietnam from August 25.

I will introduce myself.

I uploaded the pictures of the farewell and welcome party on Facebook.

Please check it!

Who is Wakaba?

Birth place:Iwate(North part of Japan)

University:A national university in Kanto area

Grade:After I finished third grade, I took a year vacation. So, I have to go to university for one year.


Hobby:Playing a variety of instruments

Favorite food:Spicy food, Tofu, Oyster, Udon

The country I have been to:Korea, Thailand, Philippines

I will have worked for five months since August 25.

Incidentally, I studied English in Philippines from April to August.

I want to post […]

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Wedding Exhibitionをやりました!





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