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Monthly Archives: October 2016

First seminar in gumi Vietnam

We held our first seminar on October 21st.

In the seminar, we explained about 「Why we come to Vietnam?」 「What is gumi Vietnam doing?」「How to work in IT industry?」

We are planning to hold a lot of seminars from now on!

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Happy women’s day

Xin chao!!

I’m one of gumi’s member, Wakaba.

In fact, today is women’s day in Vietnam.

In gumi vietnam, the male staff sent the gift for the female staff.

↑ This is the men who will try to surprise the women.

↑ The women was given the present by the men.

We, the women got cactus and chocolate.

Thank you for all men and all women!!

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Birthday party!

xin chao!

Long time no see?  Today, Hikaru write this blog.

we held joint birthday party for Linh and Nhan in gumi Vietnam office.

Birthday cheer is..


Their birthdays are just one day apart.

After the party in gumi Vietnam, we ate sushi with Linh’s Japanese school friends and Lin.


Sushi and birthday cake eaten together will disagree with me.

Happy Birthday Linh and Nhan!

Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.

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(日本語) ベトナムでも動画見放題!?

Xin chào!
My name is Tokiya Hirano.
Nice to meet you.
I am a member of gumiviet.

Please let me introduce myself.
I took a leave of absence from university for a year.
I worked in gumi Vietnam.
And I have been working since one day ago.
I am very surprised about the difference culture and ideas in Japan

We can connect Wi-Fi anywhere in Ho Chi Minh City!
Even if you go to cheap hotels or local restaurant, you can always connect WiFi
and enjoy internet such as You Tube!!
You can contact with your friends and family through the communication environment in Japan very easily.
Thanks to WiFi, […]

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Perfect attendance

xin chào

My name is Hikaru Oshiro, and I started from 9/26 at gumi Vietnam.

I have a toothache (-.-)

I want to go to the dentist in Vietnam, and write to the blog about the difference between Japan and Vietnam!

Coming soon~

 By the way,

Prize ceremony  for perfect attendance in September was held!

Eight laureates were awarded! Congtaturation!!

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