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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Yuki’s Project

Hello, I’m Kana.


Today, I’ll introduce Yuki’s project.


He is good at editing a video, so he is making a […]

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We hold new year`s party!!

Xin chao!!
I`m Tokiya.


We hold new year`s party on 2/17!!

because of using Chinese calendar in Vietnam.
So for Vietnamese 1/28 was new year`s day.

After everyone made a toast,
Each project member gathered and raised glass again!!

Everyone ate delicious dishes and enjoyed talking!!

Also the restaurant had Karaoke machine.

Everybody sang songs and sang together!!


It’s private、but I drank a little because of good atmosphere.


So Everyone, I’m looking forward to working with you!!


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in IT company…

Hello, I’m Kana. It has been one week since I arrived at Vietnam.

In this blog, I’ll write about digital tools in the office.


1.       Check-in / out system

We use an iPad to resister to know who and when do check-in / out. At my previous place of work, I had hand-written in paper to the time of work. It is really useful.


2.      Task management

We resister “asana” to manage our tasks.

We can use it both individually and in groups.

This is an example of my task, “write a blog”. You can make some smaller tasks to be done […]

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