Visit gumi Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh City – Information

We are welcoming all the Japanese companies who does come to Vietnam, to pay us a visit in our office.

gumi Vietnam is proudly to share with you about ourselves and our working environment to all our guests who are coming to Ho Chi Minh City.
It is our belief that by sharing to our guests, we manage to exchange the information and knowledge which will benefit to both parties in long term period.
Therefore, gumi Vietnam ask all of you who are visiting personally or at your business trip and who are considering Vietnam as your next business expansion, please do not hesitate to contact us, and visit us at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Access to our office

From Tan Son Nhat Airport 15 Minutes, from main International Hotel such as Sheraton Hotel – 5 Minutes (Taxi)

Points make it a success Visit

  • It is possible to arrange to meet with our staff for further understanding (For Offshore Oursourcing)
  • Preparing the information about the companies & destinations
  • Get a translator if possible
  • Preparing the the agenda & propose
  • Double check the schedule & plan
  • Get to know and prepare for transportation
  • Reserve the transportation between Airport-Hotel etc
  • Accommodations recommendation from gumi Vietnam, ask us for hotels that reccomended
  • Arrange your accommodations before departing to Vietnam

Check list – once signing with us for “gumi Labo”

  • Get a support for applying Visa
    For stay during the offshore outsourcing period, gumi Vietnam could reccommend legal assist for your support
  • Residence seeking
    gumi Vietnam could provide support to assist you either for high Japanese residential area or vice versa
  • Company Resgistration
    We will provide assitance via our legal lawyer
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