Project Description

Project Description

This is a project for research how & why we should we use LibGDX for make game on Java/Android Studio, and use accelerometer for control.
Police Crash is a product of Gumi VietNam which had been put on Google Play Store (CH PLAY) for download.
Police Crash can be help you relax at free time or make you mad when you want challenge the point with your free.
Let’s look how the apps looks like by going through each screenshots.

What is LibGDX?

LibGDX is a Java game development framework that provides a unified API that works across all supported platforms.
The framework provides an environment for rapid prototyping and fast iterations. Instead of deploying to Android/iOS/Javascript after each code change, you can run and debug your game on the desktop, natively. Desktop JVM features like code hotswapping reduce your iteration times considerably.
LibGDX tries not be the “end all, be all” solution. It does not force a specific design on you. Pick and choose from the features below.

Why should be use LibGDX?

If you don’t have any experience or you want research how game work you should be start with LibGDX. LibGDX will make us know structure how game work and:
+ LibGDX help us optimize my game. Example:
When you make game, you always calculate how many thread should be use and where should we use it. LibGDX will be handling this.
+ LibGDX handling balance speed game. Example:
When we play on highend device it’s will be process fast so game will be move really fast, faster than weak device. LibGDX will be handling same speed in all device, now just game’s smooth(fps) depend on device.
+ LibGDX handling collision. Example:
When we don’t use LibGDX, we need vector, height,width, type unit and more of 2 unit for detect collision.
** Negative point:
LibGDX don’t have any layout so when you work with this, you should be imagine all of thing, object, vector, height, width, screen,… in your mind so this not fit for big project and not recommend for 3d project.
** Tool support:
We can use some tool help us imagine layout/map game example: Overlap2d, Tile Map editor…

About Police Crash:

Police Crash have classic gameplay, trying to overcome car and dodge car, make your point more and more higher. This is good game if you play with your free and we can challenge by point for make it more fun.

How to use:

Rotate your phone like steering wheel by turn left and right, overcome and dodge car for point and make your new high score.


Download from CHPLAY

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