Project Description

Quiz game is a simple demo of hybrid application.
Hybrid applications are applications that runs on the web platform, can access to the features of the device such as: camera, accelerometer, file storage and can be built from one source code to multiple installation files for various devices (iPhone, Android…).
In this game, you will required to respond with correct answer for the questions during the game.

In future, expecting more hybrid applications will be produced by gumi Vietnam.

Hybrid application

  • Hybrid application is combination of web application and native application.
  • Web applications can run on various devices but can’t access the features of devices.
  • Native applications can access the features of devices but its source code isn’t built to installation file for other platforms.
  • Hybrid applications access features of device, are created by web technology (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) and are distributed by app stores.
  • By using a framework like PhoneGap, gumi Vietnam creates hybrid applications easily.

Quiz Game

  • Quiz Game is a simple hybrid application. It’s created by using phonegap.
  • The demo can be built to run various devices( run many patforms: Android, iOS, windows phone…).
  • You need choose best answer with question from program.
  • With one correct answer, you have 20 points.
  • After answering 5 questions, program will calculate your score. (Maximum 100 points).
Android Verison   Windows Phone Version

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