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In gumi Vietnam, our offshore development service will be provided with the highest service qualities and equaled cost performance as provided in Japan as we always make sure there will be lowest risk and obstacles due to the differentiation of culture and language barriers.
At gumi Vietnam, our staff are all well chosen with high skills and learning abilities, besides the reason that majority of Vietnamese are knowing Japan and familiar with Japanese culture very much. That explains the reason of the high performance low cost service that gumi Vietnam managed to provide. Besides, our Ho Chi Minh City Office is located on one of the most vibrant business market in Vietnam, it will be an ideal location to start of for any business plan in the South East Asia Region.

  • Offshore Development/gumi Labo Development (Labo contract)
  • Smartphone Apps Development (iPhone, Android)
  • HTML5 Coding + Javascript+ CSS3
  • All other type of Promotion Support Apps

Our services – What we do best

We develop software apps for iPhone/Android/Tablets and create Hybrid Apps with HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript. Our works are including some other software developments in MR2GO based Applications, Promotion/Marketing purpose AR Application Development for our clients in Japan.

We are providing high skilled and quality web based and open sourced system development service at our Vietnamese offshore centre. At the same centre, there are also various services for software/system maintenance, software product development and web content renewal. At the same time, there is also service for HTML5 coding where a HTML5 experts team been located at Ho Chi Minh City.

By contracting the agreement with us, we will provide the development team for you to run your application project from Vietnam. During the period of the project, development team will receive the instruction directly from you until the end of the project. This is the new way that we provide to our customer in Software Development Projects. Besides, you can utilize the strategically located our offshore office with another service, “gumi Labo” office by placing your permanent staff here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

One of gumi Vietnam service is the outsourcing of Makeup Engineering and HTML Coding. That includes Smartphone based HTML coding and the HTML5 codings.

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