Offshore Development

We are providing high skilled and quality web based and open sourced system development service at our Vietnamese offshore centre. At the same centre, there are also various services for software/system maintenance, software product development and web content renewal. At the same time, there is also service for HTML5 (Markup Engineering) coding where a HTML5 experts team been located at Ho Chi Minh City.

For those who are new in Offshore Development, you are welcomed to apply for a trial with us, please contact us for more detail.


  • Talented and hardworking Engineers
    At gumi Vietnam, we retain good talents and educating the staff for improvement.
  • Smooth Project Management via Highly Understanding of Japanese Culture
    Due to all our projects are coming from Japan or Japanese clients, gumi Vietnam staff own the understanding of the characteristics of Product requirements, high quality checking and the strict scheduling awareness of Japanese companies, beside knowing the high standard of Japanese quality requirement.
    Other than that, we always emphasize the importance of education to own the knowledge of the industry and understand the required Process flows well, such as the abilities and initiative to suggest to clients for improvement of the project requirement when necessary.
  • Competitiveness of the cost globally
    The cost competitiveness in Vietnam has been said is the quarter of Japanese’s, half of Chinese’s & Indian’s cost competitiveness.

Languages/OS available at gumi Vietnam

  • Ruby On Rails
  • Django (Python)
  • Frontend development (HTML5 + CSS3 + JS)
  • AngularJS, Angular (JS)
  • React (JS)
  • Ionic (JS)
  • NativeScript (JS)
  • Applican (HTML5 + JS)
  • PhoneGap (HTML5 + JS)
  • PHP native
  • Laravel (PHP)
  • Objective-C (iOS)
  • Swift (iOS)
  • Java (Android)
  • AR/VR development using Unity

Project Management Tool

– Communications Tool: Redmine ・chatwork・Flowdock
We use Redmine to manage the requirement and instructions from clients. A Check List template used during the initial stage of the project.
However, there is always a choice for our client to decide the tools to be used for project.

Skype / Google Hangouts – Alternatives for Project Communications

Communications tools such as Skype,LINE,Viber etc are available too

The official contact for the Project contract signing is gumi Japan (location Ebisu, Tokyo)

All the project agreements will be under the contract signing with gumi Japan in Japan. There is the purpose to simplify the processes for our clients.

Japanese native for Client Communication Contact

There is always choice for our clients to choose for being communicated in English or Japanese. That includes Project Requirement, Mail communications, Documents etc.

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