Smartphone Development

We are developing iPhone and Android Apps at the moment, from design, develop, coding and test stages which bringing us valued experience in the area.
We support for the benefit of our clients by the best user experience as possible.
We develop software apps for iPhone/Android/Tablets and create Hybrid Apps with HTML5+CSS3+ Javascript. Our works are including some other software developments in MR2GO based Applications, Promotion/Marketing purpose AR Application Development for our clients in Japan. 

One Stop Service – Planning, Developing, Licensing

Service will be provided from applying smartphone account License to Design planning – Server Setting, Apps functioning, License application (Google Play Store, App Store)

Cross-platform (Multi-platforms) Solution

Other than producing Native Application, we are also creating the better performed Hybrid Cross-platform Application by using PhoneGap.
 →Cross-platform(iPhone・Android・Windows Phone・Symbian etc)


モーションセンサ Accelerometer
カメラ Camera
コンパス Compass
電話帳 Contacts
ファイルシステム File
位置情報 Geolocation
メディア Media
回線情報 Network
通知 Notification (Alert,Sound,Vibration)
ストレージ Storage
PhoneGap : Buildを使って,HTML5+CSS+JavaScriptで作成されたアプリを各種スマートフォンのネイティブアプリに変換




制作ツールは、Qualcomm提供のARライブラリVuforia SDKで、AndroidOS / iOS に対応しています。

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