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Yuki’s Project

Hello, I’m Kana.


Today, I’ll introduce Yuki’s project.


He is good at editing a video, so he is making a […]

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in IT company…

Hello, I’m Kana. It has been one week since I arrived at Vietnam.

In this blog, I’ll write about digital tools in the office.


1.       Check-in / out system

We use an iPad to resister to know who and when do check-in / out. At my previous place of work, I had hand-written in paper to the time of work. It is really useful.


2.      Task management

We resister “asana” to manage our tasks.

We can use it both individually and in groups.

This is an example of my task, “write a blog”. You can make some smaller tasks to be done […]

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I started internship.

Xin Qiao!

Nice to meet you! I’m Wakaba.

I started working as an internship in Gumi Vietnam from August 25.

I will introduce myself.

I uploaded the pictures of the farewell and welcome party on Facebook.

Please check it!

Who is Wakaba?

Birth place:Iwate(North part of Japan)

University:A national university in Kanto area

Grade:After I finished third grade, I took a year vacation. So, I have to go to university for one year.


Hobby:Playing a variety of instruments

Favorite food:Spicy food, Tofu, Oyster, Udon

The country I have been to:Korea, Thailand, Philippines

I will have worked for five months since August 25.

Incidentally, I studied English in Philippines from April to August.

I want to post […]

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海外インターンシップ記|Good luck



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You should go there! Com Binh Dan

I’m Sally.

Today I’m going to introduce 「Com Binh Dan(Cơm Bình Dân)」that is the cheap restaurant.
I think if you come to Vietnam, you should try to go there.
Com means rice, Binh Dan means commoner.

If you go to there, you can see a lot of side dishes that are put on the big dish.
Put on the food that is domestic taste of Vietnam, like a cooked dishes, deep-fried food, fried vegetables and omelette.
How to order ??
That’s simple !!
We just choose and point a dish, and then a staff carry rice and dish to us.

This is inside the store.

We chose this.

1dish is about […]

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大学:外国語学部 2年

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My recommendation Vietnam food②

Hello everyone , I’m Sally.
Following the last time, I’m going to introduce my recommendation Vietanam food.
Today I introduce 「Bun cha(bún chả)」
A bun cha is like a Tsukemen.
We eat BUN which is noodle made from rice flour with the pork soup.
Tha soup that is little bit sour and pork were so tasty!!!!!!

This is a bun cha that I ate.
The price is 38000VDN(about 200 yen)!!

This is in the store.
Too many people was in here because it is lunch time.

↓↓ An address of the bun cha store.

Store name:Bún chả Hồ Gươm
Address:135 Võ Văn Tần,phường 6,Quận 3,Ho Chi Minh city
Phone number:+84 8 6678 3756
Bussiness […]

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My recommendation vietnam food①

Hello everyone.
Today’s charge is Sally !!
From now on, Sally and Mitch will update a this blog, so please look~~^^

By the way, today I introduce “Banh mi(bánh mì, bánh mỳ)”
A banh mi is like a sandwich which put in some vegetables, herbs, meats, and soy sauce.

I bought it at in front of gumivietnam’s office.
The price is omly 10000VDN (about 50 yen)!!
We can choose one from 2 kinds of taste meat or egg.
I ate a meat banh mi.
It was so tasty but the chili in the bahn mi … too hot for me.

↓↓This movie is the scene of making banh mi.

This […]

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