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海外インターンシップ記|The last day




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You should go there! Com Binh Dan

I’m Sally.

Today I’m going to introduce 「Com Binh Dan(Cơm Bình Dân)」that is the cheap restaurant.
I think if you come to Vietnam, you should try to go there.
Com means rice, Binh Dan means commoner.

If you go to there, you can see a lot of side dishes that are put on the big dish.
Put on the food that is domestic taste of Vietnam, like a cooked dishes, deep-fried food, fried vegetables and omelette.
How to order ??
That’s simple !!
We just choose and point a dish, and then a staff carry rice and dish to us.

This is inside the store.

We chose this.

1dish is about […]

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My recommendation Vietnam food②

Hello everyone , I’m Sally.
Following the last time, I’m going to introduce my recommendation Vietanam food.
Today I introduce 「Bun cha(bún chả)」
A bun cha is like a Tsukemen.
We eat BUN which is noodle made from rice flour with the pork soup.
Tha soup that is little bit sour and pork were so tasty!!!!!!

This is a bun cha that I ate.
The price is 38000VDN(about 200 yen)!!

This is in the store.
Too many people was in here because it is lunch time.

↓↓ An address of the bun cha store.

Store name:Bún chả Hồ Gươm
Address:135 Võ Văn Tần,phường 6,Quận 3,Ho Chi Minh city
Phone number:+84 8 6678 3756
Bussiness […]

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My recommendation vietnam food①

Hello everyone.
Today’s charge is Sally !!
From now on, Sally and Mitch will update a this blog, so please look~~^^

By the way, today I introduce “Banh mi(bánh mì, bánh mỳ)”
A banh mi is like a sandwich which put in some vegetables, herbs, meats, and soy sauce.

I bought it at in front of gumivietnam’s office.
The price is omly 10000VDN (about 50 yen)!!
We can choose one from 2 kinds of taste meat or egg.
I ate a meat banh mi.
It was so tasty but the chili in the bahn mi … too hot for me.

↓↓This movie is the scene of making banh mi.

This […]

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Do you know bonbon?





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