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Ruby on Rails


We are looking for experienced Developers with experience in Ruby on Rails.
This position will play the primary role to deliver high-quality projects to our customers and to boost our development team to a higher level. This is a key role in achieving further growth and requires a bright, focused and creative mind to do.

#Require Skills
– Experience with Ruby On Rails development and some of server-side languages such as Node JS, Java, …
– Experience with automated test and Test Driven Development
– Knowledge about DB design, IT-architecture and object oriented frameworks
– Knowledge about Git and preferably GitHub
– Basic […]

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The story by the time which I decided to become CTO

Xin chao. I’m acai. I gonna go back to japan this month, but I could have had a interview to gumi’s super engineer, Mr.Dang!
I’m really glad to have this opportunity..!
I could have hear his eventful story and his strong passion towards his work and his goal.
Check it out!
Tell us about your job in gumi.
I joined gumi about 5 years ago.
Now, I’m working with some projects and my position is different depends on the project.
But mainly, I’m doing support and coaching of projects. Especially, I’m focus on the training of young developer.
What did you do before you entered […]

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