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さて今回の記事は主要3SNS(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter[…]

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シンチャオ!グミベトナムの新スタッフのCodyです! 一年間のアメリカ留学を経てグミベトナムにジョインしました。 趣味は読書と声真似!皆様どうぞよろしくお願いします! さて、今回の記事の内容はずばりAIです!! 現在グミベトナムではAI開発を推進して[…]

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The Second Report of Yuki’s Project

Hello. I’m Kana.

Today’s blog is Second Report of Yuki’s Project!

(About the project)


Last week, we took a film about two staffs: Adrien and Ms. Thao.


I supported his work as an assistant.

Yuki operated two cameras, and I used one camera.


Adrien is a new staff who joined gumi Vietnam in February

He is a French programmer and makes gumi Vietnam really international.

They made arrangements well.


Ms. Thao is a sale staff.

She talked with her lovely smile.

She looks like a fashion model.


We’re looking forward to watching the video!



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Morning Speech of The Month

Hello. I’m Kana.

In this blog, I will write about Morning Speech of The Month.


☆What is Morning Speech of The Month?

In gumi Vietnam, every morning, one staff make a speech.

We choose one staff who made the most wonderful speech and give him or her a present once a month.


This is valuation basis:


Useful for a job

Including speaker’s opinion

Easy to understand




Last week, we announced January’s Morning Speech of The Month.

Mr. Thao was commended


His topic was “How to achieve your goals by using Google Calendar?

He talked his experiences and his speech is useful for a job.



Ms. Nishida give him a present.




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Yuki’s Project

Hello, I’m Kana.


Today, I’ll introduce Yuki’s project.


He is good at editing a video, so he is making a […]

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in IT company…

Hello, I’m Kana. It has been one week since I arrived at Vietnam.

In this blog, I’ll write about digital tools in the office.


1.       Check-in / out system

We use an iPad to resister to know who and when do check-in / out. At my previous place of work, I had hand-written in paper to the time of work. It is really useful.


2.      Task management

We resister “asana” to manage our tasks.

We can use it both individually and in groups.

This is an example of my task, “write a blog”. You can make some smaller tasks to be done […]

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First seminar in gumi Vietnam

We held our first seminar on October 21st.

In the seminar, we explained about 「Why we come to Vietnam?」 「What is gumi Vietnam doing?」「How to work in IT industry?」

We are planning to hold a lot of seminars from now on!

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Birthday party!

xin chao!

Long time no see?  Today, Hikaru write this blog.

we held joint birthday party for Linh and Nhan in gumi Vietnam office.

Birthday cheer is..


Their birthdays are just one day apart.

After the party in gumi Vietnam, we ate sushi with Linh’s Japanese school friends and Lin.


Sushi and birthday cake eaten together will disagree with me.

Happy Birthday Linh and Nhan!

Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.

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I started internship.

Xin Qiao!

Nice to meet you! I’m Wakaba.

I started working as an internship in Gumi Vietnam from August 25.

I will introduce myself.

I uploaded the pictures of the farewell and welcome party on Facebook.

Please check it!

Who is Wakaba?

Birth place:Iwate(North part of Japan)

University:A national university in Kanto area

Grade:After I finished third grade, I took a year vacation. So, I have to go to university for one year.


Hobby:Playing a variety of instruments

Favorite food:Spicy food, Tofu, Oyster, Udon

The country I have been to:Korea, Thailand, Philippines

I will have worked for five months since August 25.

Incidentally, I studied English in Philippines from April to August.

I want to post […]

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海外インターンシップ記|The last day




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