Today, the web gaming apScreen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.25.44 PMplications become increasingly popular and diverse these apps are created from many different programming languages ​​. Today I would like to introduce a game demo written by three language are: html, css and javascript language and I already had one game name is BoomBoomBalloon at: BoomBoomBalloon demo you can try . The strength of this option is it easy to build to more platform used tool support create package like PhoneGap tool . I also uploaded to Google Play and the App Store . This demo can also share your score on social networks such as facebook, twitter, google plus .

About create the game demo .

+ HTML used to create the balloon as well as the interface for my game. There are 5 color of balloons and a special balloon that is their company logo . balloon popup from the different types will have different scores .

+ CSS support html and design the interface effect, balloons and balloons popup .

+ Javascript (here I use the JQuery library ) to handle speed of flying of balloons as well as the amount of time to complete a game, the sound, the background animation

Finally, thank everyone who took the time concerned . If you have any questions or complaints please email to me at email address: . All of the comments that you contribute will help me improve experience in the further . Thank you again

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