Labor Development

Labor Development

By contracting the agreement with us, we will provide the development team for you to run your application project from Vietnam. During the period of the project, development team will receive the instruction directly from you until the end of the project. There is a system created from gumi Vietnam for you to manage your “Development Team” in Ho Chi Minh City remotely.We offer high standard manpower for your project, widen the flexibilities and huge freedom of the time management by you, directly.In the other type of Offshore Project, gumi Vietnam offer you excellent tester team for the Quality Control Test for your application.

4 key points about Laboratory Offshore Software Development for Beginners

1. What is Offshore Development ?

Offshore Development has been using as one of business that company providing their service of the System Development and Web Service Maintenance Management to the clients in oversea countries.
The word of “Off-shore”, indicating the meaning of the wind blowing from the shore to the sea, has been widely using in the term of this type of development when companies expand their business from Japan to oversea countries.
Additionally, in the world of sea surfing, offshore is also represented a good wave or timing to start the surfing.

2. The trend of Offshore Development in IT industry

Before the beginning of Offshore Development, the heaviest cost for IT Projects in Japan (including System Development, Web Production & Applications Development), had been said to be lied in manpower cost. There was how Offshore Development had been started by utilizing the lower manpower cost comparatively, where the huge part of budget has been reduced for projects.
Meanwhile, Vietnam has been chosen in the storm of the change of impression about China from the eyes of Japanese, in the famous term that well-known among Japanese, “China Risk”.
For Vietnam, it is their good points, such as good understanding on system development coding language and less communications barrier when come to ability to build say an IT system, that made them the first choice for Japanese to switch from China as the base of offshore development site.
As for the Management in this case of System Development Project, Project Managers from Japan naturally will be person in charge on the front line.

3. Is Laboratory Development new definition of Offshore Development ?

Offshore Development, no doubt is the best solution when talking about the cost saving by moving the multiple development into the offshore site at the same time. However, due to offshore development is practicing contractually basic, it is an undeniable fact that tying best talents up long-term is easy to say than done.
Here is where Laboratory Development born. With the volume of task identified on a fixed schedule which usually short term, the required quality of the work during a project will be at least, guaranteed.
By securing the same talent recruitment from the early of the Laboratory Development Project stage, and with the continuous practice being kept, quality and work of the development will be maintained. By that, it is more easier to continue the Laboratory Developments with the same work qualities.

4. The advantage of having “a staff for a customer” style of Laboratory Development

At gumi Vietnam, the practice of hiring and using the same talented team of Programmer and Project Team Leader in Vietnam for each particular customer in Laboratory Development Service, will help to reduce starting cost for each new projects, and has also been said as a major advantage comparing to the earlier offshore development way.
Basically, in the event where long-term Laboratory Development Project required, cost come from signing the contract for a same period of time will been seen to be lower. There is also one of the advantage of this type of offshore development.
As mentioned earlier, we practice of using the same project team members in the Laboratory Service, it will be a time saving and a quality guarantee advantage when there is any urgent change of requirement or short noticed request required during the project.
On top of that, when the contract being keep renewed, the shared technical knowledge will be benefiting amongst the working project team, including the engineers of the client side. As the result, better quality of Project result will be produced.
Although additional change or bug fixing are needed some of time even in this Laboratory Development Projects, which is normal, we can’t deny that there are many advantages of using the service Laboratory Development Service. Think about the reduction of the total cost, or the quality of the end product, there is no reason of not taking advantage by using this Laboratory Development Service.

※ gumi have 2 different services in the Japan Software Project Development Service (by gumi Japan) and Laboratory Development Service (by gumi Vietnam) currently. If you are interested to know more about the Laboratory Development Service by gumi Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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