The closure period during Hung King’s Commemorations and Victory Day Vietnam and International Worker’s Day

Dear valued customers.


We are deeply grateful for your support to us.

Due to National holidays, please be informed that we, gumi Vietnam, will be closed


on the following days :

April 15th (Mon)

April 29th (Mon) – May 1st (Wed)

Rescheduled working day : May 4th (Sat)


Accordingly, we cannot reply to email nor provide our service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us  


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We are providing high skilled and quality web based and open sourced system development service at our Vietnamese offshore centre.
At the same centre, there are also various services for software/system maintenance, software product development and web

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the successful August Revolution and the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945 – September 2, 2020, gumi Vietnam wish that everyone have good health and be happy with family. Besides, gumi Viet Nam would like to announce the company’s holiday schedule...

Hello this is first time i try to make a small game by Libgdx, before i make this game i plan/design contruct for this game, but when i research and write by Libgdx, i think everything don’t like i throught. LibGDX don’t have any layout, all object, image dont appear. I just see text..text…and text,...

Today, the web gaming applications become increasingly popular and diverse … these apps are created from many different programming languages ​​. Today I would like to introduce a game demo written by three language are: html, css and javascript language and I already had one game name is BoomBoomBalloon at: BoomBoomBalloon demo you can try...