The goal of the issue is to urge people to build their relationships with one another at a time when society is being forced to distance itself from one another and limit contact. Please keep this connection; as people who are connected, we will become makers of important values in the process of finding that solution.


Live stream at 15:00 - 17:00

November 25th(Thurs) 26th(Fri) 27th(Sat), 2021


gumi knows the significance of connection more than ever at this period of social distancing, but gumi also realizes how difficult it is to maintain a smooth connection between people.

gumi then plans the gumike 2021 event, which will include not only the transmission of knowledge but also affection, passion, and gratitude, thanks to the development of technology that assists connect people.

With the above aim in mind, the gumike 2021 exhibition will bring together all of gumi's technology and ideas.

Using the notion of red thread as the main picture in gumike 2021, the meaning of demonstrating the connection between people and people during the long historical pandemic - Covid 19, the connection between the connector and the creator technical inventions was created.

We aim to renew your drive to share and connect with people by meeting with gumi.

Gumike ATREE Showcase

Touch - Rotate - Explore


Touching the tablet to display information would be nothing new. Touch interface technology, on the other hand, is not far behind, and the fact that information is always more connected with people through this technology is undeniable.

gumi designed Miruwa with the goal of giving you an intuitive sense when using analog signals. You can use the wooden ring as a digital magnifying glass by touching and rotating it, and the information you need will appear on the screen.

This novel technique will pique your curiosity and make you want to learn more actively.

  • Point
  • 1

    Feel more immersed in your experience by using the analog signal without interruption.
    You can create graphic call-to-actions such as "Try touching," "Look at," and so on.

  • 2

    You can use a digital magnifying glass to explore information in the most traditional way possible

  • 3

    Choose a planet you like and rotate the rotation by 30 degrees to learn more about the connections that exist around it.

You can acquire a rich visual understanding of information objects by providing an interactive relationship between the operation and the displayed content.

Gumike ATREE Showcase

Application for teamwork exercises

Fit de GO!

Fit de GO! allows you to exercise while having fun with pals. You and your squad can expand the territory by just exercising using Fit de GO!, stopping the opponent from doing so.

How can we do it?

Let's get some exercise! Take advantage of your leisure time to execute some easy motions with the intuitive game Fit de GO! when your body becomes sluggish due to continual labor from home. It is necessary to engage in some form of physical activity. To protect your health, while you perform social spacing to protect their own health. You help your squad get closer to a higher rating by completing each activity successfully.

  • Point
  • 1

    Fit de GO! will recognize your skeletal structure and evaluate the precision with which you move your body.

  • 2

    You can expand your team's reach based on the evaluation results. The game will encourage you to exercise vigorously when fighting the enemy with the method of occupying the opponent's land and protecting the region from invasion.

  • 3

    In addition to sharing wonderful times with friends while working together to win a championship, we can sense the presence of close friends even though we have limited possibility of seeing them in the context of social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fit de GO! is more than just an app that encourages you to exercise. It also establishes a strong bond between people

Gumike ATREE Showcase

Utilize your silhouette to connect with animals

Edu-Be-Ing Theater

Edu-Be-Ing Theater will transport you to an exciting new world and assist you in having dramatic experiences in the untamed forest that is directly in your silhouette.

  • Point
  • 1

    Edu-Be-Ing Theater is a technology product that is demonstrated with the meaning of conserving endangered animals by linking with web AR and being associated with location, movement, and voice recognition by smartphones.

  • 2

    Edu-Be-Ing Theater delivers surreal visual technology videos and particularly constructed elliptical screens upon entering the high-quality 3DCG environment. When you can hear the animals' every breath, Edu-Be-Ing Theater offers you a sense of closeness and familiarity.

  • 3

    Kinect detects every movement in your body and provides a signal to the system, allowing you to determine whether you're traveling in the correct direction to save an endangered animal.

Gumike ATREE Showcase

Effective human resource management solution when working remotely


We are able to comprehend and aggressively deal with the burning problem that is occurring when the increasing trend of working from home produces limited communication and difficulty in business as a result of the Covid pandemic.

In the virtual reality world, you can appear in the company as a different avatar.

  • Point
  • 1

    We can determine the partner's mood by observing the opponent's avatar and using proper communication strategies. This is also a means to sense the presence of coworkers, allowing for more efficient work.

  • 2

    Allows managers to simply record the data needed to calculate an employee's work time. Users can also manage their own time by reviewing, editing, and allocating it.

  • 3

    The game is intended to alleviate users' concerns about ensuring timely work support among staff without causing disruption.

Businesses have completely lost control after the Covid-19 pandemic broke out around the world.
gumi missed the GUMIKE annual event in 2020 with customer businesses.
Therefore, gumi was very concerned when many more and more problems were piling up that businesses had to face.
Therefore, this is the right time, gumi would love to connect with you.
We would like to contribute [creativity] [enthusiasm] and [ideas] to make your work more and more convenient.
To protect public health, gumike 2021 will be held with online form.
gumi has built an online gumike site where you can follow the event right now. Please click on “gumike online” to visit the page.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

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