Enabling you to start development now and use it tomorrow, with fast fundamental assessment of your business data.Service MVP content Test the market as quickly and economically as possible.

A good MVP finds a perfect balance between the budget, the scope of work, and release time.Things that you cannot expect from an ordinary neighborhood devshop. And with 20+ years of proven track record of successful international startups we’ve supported, .NFQ can offer you all those critical insights without having to learn by yourself the hard way. We can show you how to get startups off the ground, and offer you all necessary business expertises when and where you would need them. NFQ has a strong team of 500+ developers based in Europe and in Asia.

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  • Offshoring

    Providing the software development services to help customers expand markets, create innovative and breakthrough ideas.

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  • Website/ Mobile App

    gumi provides the web and mobile application systems that suit the needs of customers, fully meet the requirements and ensure on schedule given by customers.

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  • Asset 1

    VR/ AR

    Products and services created on VR / AR platform always bring differentiation and high efficiency.

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  • J a v a HTML5 P ython N a ti v e S c r ipt D jango R ea c t S wi f t

    Labor Development

    Built by experienced staff, highly specialized technology, adaptability and acumen at work. We always try to give our customers the best products.

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