Full time

🚥 Job description:

– Master key design principles

– Exceptional eye for detail, design-minded, with creative flair

– Develop new user-facing features at an advanced level

– Main creation functional flow, detail design

– Technical analysis of functionality – Covering the business logic of the system

– Config or Verify the project’s server setting

– Take charge of the project’s technical

– Ability to research quickly to meet the requirements of the project

– Create coding rules for projects

– Risk detection, management, and report to Leader or above

– Propose a reasonable solution to solve the risk – Deploy source to server/cloud/store

– Cultivate new technical/framework

– Focus on efficiency, user experience, and process improvement

– Participation in Estimating the number of developers needed for the project with high accuracy.


✳ Requirements:

– Experience at least 3-year in FE development FW

– Good analysis when receiving the requests from superiors, comprehending the assigned project requirements

– Good Experience in estimating and evaluating the project’s workload

– Experience in ensuring the correct implementation, enough of the assigned tasks, good output quality, and control bugs.

– Having ideas, QA, or reasonable suggestions for improvement works and projects during the working process to optimize works

– Discuss, and give ideas in the designing system, database, and project source code structure

– Propose solutions to help improve the system’s efficiency.

– Experience in evaluating the risks of the technique in projects and timely reporting the problems to superiors. At the same time, participate in solving problems effectively.

– Propose new technologies to meet the project and consider all problems that can occur if applied.

– Experience with system testing

– Good conversation, writing, and documentation skills

– Master in version control tool (Git, SVN)

– English level Middle (Can use in communication and presentation)


💲 Salary

– Negotiable


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