Full time

🚥 Job description:

– Managing project

– Following staff and support them in projects

– Following the progress of projects to make sure the time of delivery with client

– Reporting to the Team leader (or Manager if there is no Team Leader) about the progress and problems in projects

– Evaluating the staffs in team, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses; identifying good elements and improve team members that are still under expectations

– Supporting to solve the problems with staff in the projects (Ex: MTG with clients, seek solution for the problem in project of staff, give solution to the problems,…)

– Adjust resource in team to meet the needs of resource for each project

– Comply with regulatory requirements (coding rule, checklist) given by the company or team

– Responsible for self-checking results, ensuring output quality

– Directly responsible training for members in project, professional, or technical employees in project.


✳ Requirements:

About experience:

– Have more than 1 year of experience in managing projects

– Experience in the role of direct project leader: Deploy details in the project and assign work directly in the project.

– Experience in solving and handling problems and troubles in the project. (About work, members in the project)

– Having experience or flexible management ability with projects assigned by superiors.

– English Middle level, can use in communication and presentation

– Able to read and understand technical documents in English

– Fluent in Japanese communication is an advantage

– Needs to know about the technical knowledge: FrontEnd, BackEnd, API, Web, App, OS, DB, Server, git, Cookie, Cache, v.v…

– Can manipulate the techinical knowledge to the project. Such as: Analytics documents,…

About management skills:

– Ability to coordinate and supervise all activities in the project.

– Skills of persuasion, orientation, mentoring for members to gain the trust of project members.

– Emotional balance skills, positive thinking with management mission.


💲 Salary

– Negotiable


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